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“Supervision with Jan is sitting with a wise soul with not only clinical expertise, but a caring and authentic approach required to fully grow your clinical skills, judgment as well as personal awareness and insight as a therapist.”


“Whether through in-depth conversations, readings, video viewings, or writing assignments, Jan is exceptional at crafting supervision that meets your individual learning style and helps you meet your professional goals.”


“Jan has a wealth of knowledge about kids who experienced sexual abuse. I always walked away with so many skills and tools that I could use to help my clients.”


“Jan is a practical, interactive, solution focused therapist. Her treatment approach is to provide support, exploration and practical feedback to help you resolve your current problems and long standing patterns.”


“One of Jan's great strengths is the ability to elicit, rather than bestow, wisdom. On our first day, she asked me about my best supervisorial experience. Now when someone asks me that question, I tell the story about her.”


“Jan's integrative approach towards supervision instilled me with self-confidence and the ability to trust myself clinically as a therapist.”


“Jan helped me tremendously in gaining a clearer understanding of how organizational, systemic, and personal trauma can impact a child and family. She supported me in a nonjudgmental way throughout my own growth as a clinical supervisor.”


“Weaving her astute clinical expertise with genuine warmth, compassion, and the utmost regard and respect for each individual, Jan always identifies each person's strengths and guides/accompanies them to areas of growth and change.”


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