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Group consultations are informal, guided by a specific clinical question or concern of your choosing. 

My style is conversational, as opposed to teaching or lecturing. Presentation content arises through engaged participant interaction. Length may vary, but typically is 1 to 1.5 hours, likely taking place at the time of a scheduled team meeting.

Topics might include the following or other issues and concerns that are more salient to your interests: 


  • Equity and diversity

  • Trauma

  • Working with children and families where sexual abuse has taken place

  • Understanding the structure of System of Care

  • Service delivery questions

  • Policy questions (eg, should we provide services to family members of clinicians?)

  • Ethics and conflicts of interest

Clinical Q&A discussion

tailored to your group's specific needs

Being passionate is about recognizing what makes you happy, focusing

on and learning about it and, ultimately, 

doing it in the name of your own satisfaction and pleasure.

-- Laura van Dernoot Lipsky 

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