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Group Q & A on a specific clinical topic of your choice

  • Working with children and families where sexual abuse has taken place

  • Understanding the structure of System of Care

  • Service delivery questions

  • Policy [and program development?] questions (eg, should we provide services to family members of clinicians?)

  • Ethics and conflicts of interest

  • Agency structure

  • Trauma

  • Equity and diversity

Conversational – uses conversation as a tool?

Presentation is guided by questions or concerns raised

I don’t teach or lecture

Similar to a team meeting

Very much tailored to the needs of a specific group


1-1.5 hr, likely at the time of regularly scheduled team meeting


Invoice individuals & agencies monthly

No standard fee

Negotiated based on complexity, need (topic), population (audience, attendees, group)

Being passionate is about recognizing what makes you happy, focusing

on and learning about it and, ultimately, 

doing it in the name of your own satisfaction and pleasure.

-- Laura van Dernoot Lipsky 

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