My overall perspective is grounded in equity and inclusion principles. I have a collaborative and relaxed interpersonal style, always seeking to maintain a transparent dialogue about the process of therapy.

I also integrate a variety of trauma- and attachment-informed, strengths-based, solution-focused, narrative, and family systems-inclusive methods in my work. 

I see my role as catalytic, helping individuals and families to build on their strengths, life experiences, and successes to resolve a wide range of life challenges as well as psychological and interpersonal issues.



In the midst of winter

I learned

there was

an invincible summer.

Albert Camus


In my work with traditionally underserved populations, I've gained expertise working with people of all ages (small children to elders) as well as a variety of gender identities and sexual preferences, ethnicities, and cultural and social backgrounds. I have a personal interest and life experience in the area of understanding unique impacts surrounding multiracial identity in today's society. 


I've also worked and supervised clinicians in school-based positions, and managed school-based mental health programs.


Trauma-informed care is a passion of mine, and I integrate my knowledge and training in this area not only into counseling, but also into clinical supervision and consultation with agencies and professionals.